Through our broad experience and reknowned expertise, DEFAP is proud of providing its clients perfect service quality and valuable advice in a variety of areas.

Our clients rely on taking advice from a company itself being a successful investor rather than from a mere consultant. Please read through the text below to learn more about our services.



There are a number of trading companies in the DEFAP Group which make up one of our core activities. With more than a decade of active international trading experience, DEFAP is your ideal trading partner.


We are working on a wide range of trading activities on a daily basis. Our activity areas range from spot transactions and pipeline trading of various goods and commodities through to sourcing supply and co-coordinating turnkey projects. Trade finance, logistics and shipping and cash flow optimization are tools that we work with on a daily basis.




Private Equity. DEFAP identifies strategic investments with significant medium to long term growth potential. DEFAP invests in such targets alone or together with private equity partners. Extensive experience in the relevant industry sectors, international law, tax, insolvency and banking are key components in identifying and realizing value in private equity investments.


Corporate Finance. DEFAP has built up a large network globally through investments and trading operations. Our partners often ask whether we know of an appropriate strategic target for their growth aspirations or an investor for the sale of an asset. We work closely with corporate finance houses around the world to identify deals leading to win-win outcomes for all parties.




Few people really understand the full concept of financial engineering. All business involved in international activities, however, have felt the impact and importance of financing operations and investments correctly.


DEFAP specializes in Structured Finance to ensure that the impact of the financial structure on operations is optimized.

With a strong network of financial institutions and specialized lawyers around the world, DEFAP can ensure that structured finance becomes a practical application to international deals with identifiable benefits.


The Fiscal implications relating to the structure of investments and operations should be considered. This is even more relevant when acting cross-border. DEFAP is aware of the issues and able to ensure fiscal efficiency in a fully compliant framework.




Professional and ethical conduct is a cornerstone of DEFAP’s corporate image, whilst maintaining the personal element of relationships so important to doing good business. We believe in being open, honest and direct. We invest in our human capital to promote team spirit and professionalism.


DEFAP operates across many economies and cultures. It is therefore not surprising that the DEFAP group has staff from more than ten countries. Our staff has extensive knowledge in the relevant industry sectors, international law, tax, insolvency and banking.


We hope to find a mutually beneficial opportunity to work together so that you can experience our professional yet personal approach.


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